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IS audit & security
The tremendous growth of all new technologies developments has further complicated the vulnerability of your company's confidential information. These technology innovations have grown the list of possible intruders to include, well, everyone. And, to compound those concerns, recent events have left organizations feeling even more vulnerable about everything, including data security. The critical job falls on the IT staff to instill confidence that their data is secure.

Nowadays, Information Systems process and keep companies knowledge base and know-how. Faced with their vulnerability and accidental or intentional failings, companies see the control, audit, and security of Information Systems become strategic stakes to consolidate the three pillars of any Information Systems adequate security: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

These vulnerabilities and IT incidents can have major consequences and usually bring about a loss of credibility of the company's Information Systems along with financial losses, which can sometimes be considerable and can take it out of business.

In order to control the risks linked to the ever-growing dependency of companies on their Information Systems, it is mandatory to define and establish audit, control and security policies.

Our diagnosis approaches and tools allow systemic analysis of a company's information technology environment, and simultaneously study devices, procedures, methods of work, as well as the different behavioral patterns thanks to a carefully elaborated rational methodology, based on international renowned standards.

We perform many tasks that lower risks related to information technology and reduce the vulnerability of information systems: assessment of the vulnerability of Information Systems, master security plans of Information Systems, automated diagnoses of functions related to information technology, proposals of measures that are necessary for improved protection and a general improvement of work, the establishment of a backup, disaster recovery and business continuity plans, automated control procedures, and application reviews.

We discuss with you recent security issues companies are facing, and strategies for securing your data. We will examine the sources of the most common security threats and will provide solutions for raising security consciousness within your company.
We will offer advice and insight on:

       1- Concerns - find out what you should focus on
       2- Challenges - realize new threats introduced by the new technology
       3- Vulnerabilities - discover your vulnerabilities in the IT
       4- Problems - address the right problems
       5- Strategy - define and implement a security strategy.

         Audit of Information Systems
         Security definition / assessment / set-up /… of Information Systems
         Global service availability assurance
         Improved network and systems security
         Development of Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery Sites
         Development of Security policies and procedures, complying with international
         Preparation for ISO Certification (27002).


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